Last Updated: 15:00, Friday 27th March

Following Government advice and in light of the guidance from the Church of England (see here), all our services and social events are cancelled until further notice.

Sunday Worship

Though we are unable to gather as a Church community, we have started live-streaming a service of Morning Prayer each Sunday morning on our YouTube channel. Please follow this link to find the service from Sunday, to watch (or rewatch) in your own time.

We have also been trialling ways of gathering online via video chat, to socialise, pray together and support one another even though we can't meet. We are using the "Zoom" app for this purpose, and invite the whole Church community to join together before and after Morning Prayer each week. Details about how to get started with Zoom, and how to find your way to our online meetings on Sunday, are available on the live stream page.

Staying in Touch

We have set up 3 email lists to help us stay in touch with one another, support the most vulnerable amongst us, and work towards a wider support effort in our community:

1. A weekly email update with 'headline' information: details about our online church gatherings/live-streams, particularly important/urgent needs in the community, information and advice from government and health authorities, etc.

2. A daily email sharing news for prayer, and giving details about daily prayer gatherings online (via video chat).

3. A more ad-hoc email to coordinate practical support – i.e. connecting up those in need of help (through sickness, financial hardship, self-isolation, etc.) with those able to offer help.

If you would like to join any of these lists, please fill in this form. Anyone can opt in and out of receiving any of these emails at any time.


By far our most important response as a Church family is to pray to our sovereign, good and powerful Father in Heaven.

If you are worried about coronavirus and would like someone to pray with you, please email

We continue to urge our church family to pray every day at 12:30; see our daily email (available through the contact form) for details of our online gathering for this purpose.

Here is a prayer you might want to use yourself:

Lord Jesus, when you walked on earth
you healed the sick and stilled the storm;
We look upon our world and see its frailty and weakness.
We ask that you would look kindly on us,
Please help all who are sick and all who are confined
Please help all medical teams and care workers,
Please comfort the afraid, and those worried for their loved ones
Give us all faith above fear.
As we weep at sickness on earth,
May it remind us we are made for a new creation with you.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns, or if you need any help or assistance.