Plan for Growth

An introduction to our Plan for Growth, from our Church Warden, Guy Hordern:

In the letter of invitation to be part of the Leading your Church into Growth course which Nick, Joe and myself gave to every member of the Church we mentioned the responsibility which we all have to ensure the ‘Continuity of St Bartholomew Church’ and the consequent need for the Church to Grow so that it will continue to be a Living Church to witness to the truth that:

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, to-day and forever”

Nearly 30 members of the Church attended some or all of the six sessions of the course which were led by Nick, Ruth, Joe and myself. The subjects of the sessions were Our focus-Committing ourselves to Growth; Our plan-Developing a strategy for growth  and  doing it; Our Culture-developing a community of invitation, welcome and hospitality; Our Calling-Telling our story and helping people to meet Jesus; Our Journey-Growing and going deeper as followers of Jesus and finally Our Heart-Developing worship that helps the Church to Grow.

Following detailed consultation with those who attended the course the Plan for Growth was launched on June 4th which was also the feast of Pentecost when, as chapter 2 of the Acts of the Apostles records, the Holy Spirit equipped the disciples to be so effective that 3000 people were added to their number in one day.

The Plan for Growth, has an executive summary followed by three sections which provide more detail of the points within the summary. The three sections of the plan are: Developing a culture of prayer, developing a culture of invitation and welcome and developing a culture of Spiritual growth and on the final page of the plan are some important dates indicating how the plan will be implemented. Meetings for prayer will take place on a monthly basis, there will be a number of Guest services to which we can invite our friends. Our next ‘Alpha’ course starts on Jan 20th 2020.

I believe that the Plan for Growth is both underpinned by the Liturgy of our Sunday Communion Service and will help to re-invigorate all that we do together during our Sunday Communion Service and I am really looking forward to contributing to, receiving from and being part of the next Chapter in the History of St Bartholomew’s Church.

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